New York, New York

Top of the Rock

It's a hell of town! NEW YOOOOOORK! *jazz hands*

I'm no Broadway show, but you get the idea. I think like most people New York was on the top of my must visit list. To be completely honest, I had no idea what to expect, but I was ready to hit the town and hold my purse tight. Arriving off of a red-eye we saw this monstrous city come into blazing view out our tiny window. I've never seen anything so dense! Buildings built upon builds with what appeared to be hair-string roadways.

As someone who hails from a decent sized city, New York put me in an instant panic when we landed. If you're like me, I hate feeling lost or turned around. I couldn't get my bearings, but it was 1:00AM, so can you blame me? After a good nights rest we awoke ready to take on the challenge. Honestly, if you stay in the main touristy areas a lot of things are within walking distance! 



Due to the last minute nature of our trip we didn't really get to look for great deals. That being said we did alright considering we went the week before Christmas. We wanted to be close to the city center so we booked the Hyatt near Time Square. Sure it was about $280 a night, but we loved the hotel and the accessibly it gave us. 

Time Square: the knock-off "Elmo" creeping in the corner is pretty epic. 


1. Time Square: There is so much to do in New York and I'm a sucker for super touristy stuff. I would hope the above image needs no title. I'm not a big shopping person, but it was fun to stand in the middle of Time Square and soak it all in! Plus it's free!!!

Yes, my dad and I are totally those people. Plus my hair was red and long...

2. Central Park: Yes, it's a giant park, but it's THE giant park. It's nice to get away from the buildings and see the open sky and Central Park is a wonderful walk that has a verity of activities. You can take a walk, go ice skating, see the Conservatory Garden, visit the zoo and check out the Balto statue (one of my favorite movies). It's a real treat, and if it wasn't so cold, we would have spent more time there. 

3. 9/11 Memorial and Museum: Seeing what happened on the television is completely different then standing at ground zero. I remember sitting in my homeroom in middle school watching the planes hit the towers over and over again. I remember being shocked, seeing teachers cry, broadcasters speechless. It's the first time I realized how cruel others can be, but also how much love you can have for complete strangers.

This is a tough outing, but worth visiting. It's part of American history, it's part of New York. Its a scar that's healing, but a scar nonetheless. The fountain is large and demands respect, but allows you to breath and hear laughter and the city all around. The museum is quiet and crushing; and is a sensory overload. If you want to understand New York and the people who live there, visit the memorial. It will give you an insight into these tough and resilient folk. 

The new Freedom Tower: At the time, only 40 floors where occupied as many fear it a target of another attack.

4. Empire State & Top of the Rock: These go hand in hand. They both give jaw dropping views of the city, but I would say visit the Empire State Building during the day, and venture to the Top of the Rock at night. The city during the day is overwhelming. The mind can barely comprehend how so many buildings can be pilled on top of one another. Plus it's nice to see the sun ;) 

At night, the city morph into light filled wonderland. Everything is illuminated and people are still bustling to and from places. I was luck enough to visit during December so everything was extra glittery. Plus you can look down and see the big tree in Rockefeller Center. It's not so big from up there. 

Top of the Rock

5. The Met: I love museums. I didn't really get any pictures at The Met, but wow is it a massive museum! You can literally spend all day in there and that is what my dad and I did. It's a great stop during cold travel times in New York. By our final day, we just wanted out of the bitter cold, so we choose The Met as our playground.

The thing that most shocked me about The Met is that you pay wherever you want to get in. I was like, WHAT!?! I couldn't believe it. I could pay nothing and get in? This was mind blowing to me. A city that wanted so much money was willing to give me a whole day for free! In the end we paid $5 each and enjoyed a full day at the museum. 

New York has endless things to do, see and eat. I encourage you to jump into random shops, eat at a cute diner, grab a donut or just go for a walk.

  • What is your favorite thing to do in New York?
  • What is a MUST when visiting for the first time?